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Fraud Alert – November 27, 2014 – Imposters posing as HACSC workers ask for credit card and personal information

HACSC does not solicit credit card information over the phone or online.

A HACSC landlord has reported telephone fraud from an imposter claiming to be a HACSC employee. The caller ID listed HACSC’s main number (this fake caller ID is also a sham). This landlord was told that he failed to show up for a mandatory workshop and was solicited for $10 to have materials sent to him pertaining to this “workshop.” The caller asked for social security, license and credit card numbers.

Please DO NOT supply your credit card information to anyone claiming to be a HACSC employee in any situation. This is a scam that could lead to financial and identity theft. Housing authorities do not request credit card information or charge fees for any forms, applications or information.

Other housing authorities have reported fraudulent activities from fake housing authority websites that charge a fee to pull credit reports. This is also an illegal scam requesting personal and credit card information. Like all housing authorities, HACSC never imposes any charges associated with filling out applications. HACSC’s waiting list continues to be closed at this time.

We urge our current and future program residents/participants and partners to be aware of these types of scams. If you believe that you have been scammed, please call your local police and file a report.