Program Participants' Rights and Responsibilities

Participant Rights

Participants in all of HACSC’s housing assistance programs have certain rights. If you believe your rights have been violated, please contact your Housing Specialist. Below is a list of your rights:

  • Living in a unit that is safe, decent and sanitary.
  • Protection from unlawful discrimination.
  • Holding the property owner liable for damage to the unit caused by landlord negligence.
  • Paying only the amount of rent approved by HACSC.
  • Receiving proper move-out notice.

Participant Responsibilities

As a participant in any HACSC housing assistance program, you must follow certain rules. Failure to follow these rules may lead to termination of assistance. Below is a partial list of your responsibilities:

  • Providing required information for your regularly scheduled reexaminations, and any other relevant housing information.
  • Reporting changes to income or household composition within 10 business days.
  • Allowing HACSC representatives to conduct regularly scheduled inspections.
  • Allowing only authorized people to reside in the unit – you cannot lease or sub-lease the unit.
  • Complying with the owner’s lease, including paying your portion of the rent.
  • Complying with the terms of your voucher and Tenancy Addendum.
  • Copying HACSC on any notices from or to the property owner, including 3-day pay or quit, eviction, rent adjustments and notice to vacate.

For a complete list of your participant obligations please click here